Nagpur Airport: The number of air passengers increased in Nagpur; Flying 1.80 lakh passengers per month

Nagpur Airport News : Nagpur Airport is seeing a steady increase in the number of passengers. During the Corona period, the number of passengers per month was 30 thousand to 40 thousand, it has now reached an average of 1.80 lakh. The officials of Mihan India Ltd. are very excited to see the increasing number of passengers and they expect the number of passengers to reach 2 lakh per month soon. Apart from this some new flights (new flights from nagpur) are waiting to start. Before Corona

Six thousand passengers per day 

At present the number of daily departures by air has reached 3,000 to 3,100. So many passengers from different places also in Nagpur (Nagpur) is coming. That is, the number of passengers has reached almost 6,000-6,200 in a day.

up to 30 lakh passengers a year 

Before Corona (Before Covid) Nagpura had reached 30 lakhs a year. This figure was indicative of a large airport, but Corona spoiled the whole game. During Corona, a big drop in the number of passengers was reported. In the meantime, many airlines also reduced the number of aircraft, which also had an adverse effect. This year, the number of passengers is likely to go up to 20 lakhs.  

25 flights per day

Currently 25 flights are taking place from Nagpur airport every day. 25 flights are departing from here while almost the same number of flights are arriving at Nagpur. Before Corona, the average number of flights reached 32 per day. As the number of planes is sufficient, passengers are also more. After Corona, a change was also seen in the aviation sector. Air India flight reduced. Service was also reduced on some routes. Now with the introduction of new airlines, the airport authorities expect that the status of the airport will change once again. Officials are also predicting new routes and an increase in flight services.

Increase in revenue too

In the year 2021-22 the revenue of the airport was around Rs 60 crore, it has gone up to 80 crore in the financial year 2022-23. Now it is expected to increase again and the airport will be in good condition. Before Corona, the revenue of the airport was Rs 100 crore. Officials hope that it will be possible to reach this number soon.

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