Murbad News : The suffering of the villagers of Murbad; Students and villagers have to travel by boat

Murbad News : Time has come for the villagers and students of Kolewadi village in Murbad taluka to travel by boat. Why this time has come to the villagers here? find out  

….due to this the villagers have to use boats
After increasing the height of Barvi Dam, the catchment area has also increased. Therefore, every year when the water in the dam starts to rise during the rainy season, water starts coming into the catchment area. Keeping this in mind, the MIDC administration has rehabilitated the villages of Kachkoli, Tondli, Mohghar, Manivali, Jambulwadi. But Koliwadi village has not yet been rehabilitated. Here they have been given this land of Gavthan area for rehabilitation, the land has not yet been plotted, and therefore the villagers have to live in the catchment area. As a result, school going students, old people, patients have to use boats to reach the other side. 

Deadly Journey 
Currently Barvi Dam has 80 percent water. Due to this, the water in the catchment areas has increased. Therefore, traveling from here has become life-threatening. Therefore, the administration has arranged a boat at this place for the villagers, but since there is only one boat, the villagers have to wait for more than half an hour to come here. The women sarpanchs of Funsoli gram panchayat also have to use boats.

Demand of the villagers
These villagers have to use the boat in the same way during the rainy season since last four years. Now the villagers have to use this boat until the water recedes. Therefore, the villagers demand that the administration should plot the village as soon as possible and take us there.










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