Mumbai Local News : Women policemen on duty in Bandra railway station molested? The video went viral

Mumbai Local News : Women policemen on duty in Bandra railway station molested?  The video went viral

Mumbai Crime News :  It is currently reported that youths who are standing at the door of the Mumbai Railway (Mumbai Local Train) and making a reel by slapping women or other passengers standing on the platform or taunting them with obscene language and making a reel. There is a picture. Its videos are going viral on social media. Now a similar video has gone viral. It is said that the youths in this video directly harassed the women policemen. 

It seems to be the type of Bandra Station on the Western Railway line in Mumbai. A video has surfaced of a reeling youth standing at the door of a local and trying to molest female police personnel on duty using obscene language. A complaint regarding this has been made to the Bandra Lohmarg Police and now the Bandra Lohmarg Police is searching for the accused who made the reel and molested the women.

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— Manoj Kumar Dubey (@ManojDu76464505) March 13, 2023

Two days ago, a stubborn youth made a reel while standing at the door of a slow local going from Bandra railway station of Western Railway towards Borivali. In this reel, Mastan claimed to be the leader of the company. It has been seen that these women are misbehaving with the police personnel by speaking obscene language. The video related to this has been tagged by an aware citizen on Twitter to Mumbai Police and Lohmarg Police. After this, the Bandra Lohmarg police are now looking for the leader of the Mastan company. 

Mother was killed and cut into five pieces in Lalbagh, the act of a cruel girl

On Tuesday night, a very shocking incident has come to light from Lalbagh under Kalachowki Police Station in Mumbai. 23-year-old Rimple Jain, a resident of Ibrahim Kasam building here, killed her 55-year-old mother Veena Prakash Jain. Kalachowki police arrested a girl named Rimple in this case yesterday and she has been brought to Kalachowki police station. The police have seized an electronic marble cutter, a chisel and a knife from the house and the accused girl cut the body of the woman into five pieces with the help of this sharp weapon and wrapped it in a plastic bag and kept it in the cupboard of her own house and kept it in an iron water tank. 

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