Mhada : House amount payable in three installments, special facility by Konkan Mandal of Mhada

Mumbai : Mhada Home can now be paid in three installments. Konkan Mandal of Mhada has provided this special facility to the customers. The board has decided to provide the facility of paying the total cost of the flat in three installments to 197 beneficiaries of the  Mauje Balkum-Thane housing scheme in the flat lots drawn by the Konkan Mandal of MHADA in 2018 and earlier. MHADA has issued a press release and given information about this. 

Under this facility provided by Konkan Board, the beneficiaries of this scheme have to pay 25 percent of the total price of the flat in the first phase by 31st October 2022. After that, 50 percent of the second phase is to be paid by January 31, 2023. Also, under the third phase, the beneficiaries are required to pay the remaining 25 percent amount within 30 days after receiving the occupancy certificate subject to the terms and conditions of the distribution letter. ; and to make the payment of the sale price of the flat easy and timely, the winners and dekar letter winners of Mauje Balkum-Thane, after paying ten percent of the total price of the flat, through the Konkan Mandal, the remaining 90 percent of the flat amount will be available in the form of a home loan from a bank or financial institution by giving a no-loss certificate. Coming.

 According to the rules of sale, ten percent of the total cost of the house is paid within 45 days from the receipt of dekar letter and then 90 percent within 60 days. However, these rules have been relaxed for the beneficiaries of Mauje Balkum-Thane Housing Scheme. So the customers will benefit from it.  

Meanwhile, the MHADA authority has decided to draw lots for around 4,000 houses in Mumbai during Diwali. The Mumbai board has started preparations for the draw and it is being reported that an official announcement will be made soon. As the prices of houses in Mumbai are beyond the reach of common people, the dream of owning a right house in this city seems gray to many. But in MHADA’s housing project scheme, the common man’s dream of a rightful house can come true. 

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