Many kilometers of foot march, tents in the Idgah ground of Vashind … the pain of the farmers who came on the road – when will they get justice

Many kilometers of foot march, tents in the Idgah ground of Vashind … the pain of the farmers who came on the road – when will they get justice
Mumbai: Vanyabhau Deshmukh, who came from Baglan, Nashik in the farmers’ march, has a balanced and restrained manner of speaking, but the words are on fire. ‘The land in which I am cultivating, once upon a time my father’s name used to be on it. For 18 years now we have been fighting to get the government 7/12 documents back in our name. It is not that our name is not there in the official records. The government is named as the first owner on the same document. After that, the complete list of people of 12 villages has been added to it. Vishwanath Thai, a youth of Borde village in Kalvan tehsil, cannot help but intervene and ask – separate papers for plots of one or two acres are enough to be made. How big a job is this for Talathi and Tehsildar? Will experts from abroad have to be called for this? Thai’s anger is also boiling because three notices have come to auction his land for non-payment of loan.

The unseasonal rains have already broken the back of the farmers. Kalabai Gunjal of Chandvad tehsil said that the onion crop she had sown on her land was washed away. Now it is becoming difficult to buy groceries from the market. She says- That’s why they have come on foot in such a hot sun, to seek justice.

pain of farmers

It is not difficult to tie the tales of destruction in one string. Vitthal Salunkhe quit his job at Nashik’s Open University and started farming. Planted tomatoes, chillies, okra – the prices suddenly dropped and it is difficult for the wife to run the world with the income of Rs 8000 a month as an Asha worker. The land is also not ours, on which the benefits of government schemes are not available. Forest employees object to digging a well or driving a tractor. It is said that do farming with oxen. Let’s ask- is this possible in today’s era? Kalabai also confirms this – we were also stopped from boring the land. Will have to make arrangements for drinking water? No water, no school nearby, no government housing scheme. Only the leaders come and take away the votes by doing Dada-Baba. Then we remain like that.

Chances of changing politics for the first time

Rajghadwadi of this Chandvad tehsil is associated with the communist movement since childhood. That’s why she doesn’t hesitate to speak the bitter truth. Vote in elections with a bottle of liquor and what will happen. Similarly, to get respect, one has to travel on foot. Let’s go to Gavit Saheb. All the women leave together. Former MLA JP Gavit has come along with his wife, children and grandson in the march from Dindori. The assembly elections were lost last time by a meager vote. A few thousand people have walked several hundred kilometers under his leadership. Politics in the tribal area, which is the stronghold of the Marxist Communist Party, may turn around this time?

bring wood along with grain

There is no organized arrangement for food and drink for the few thousand people participating in the march. Groups of 25-50 wearing red caps are seen cooking their own food. People from every village have brought food grains in a tempo or a small car. Utensils too. Not only this, they have also brought wood to burn. Places have been made in vehicles for some women and children by putting down luggage to avoid the sun. In fact, not just Nashik district, but throngs of people have come from all over Maharashtra. In the morning, 38-year-old Dattatreya Khurey brought 45 people from the very other end of the state in an Eicher truck. Due to non-availability of food, this group may have to return at night.

In the conversation with the farmer leaders, the matter of accepting all the 14 demands was decided a day before on Thursday itself. The farmers, who have been fighting for 18 years to get back their ancestral rights on the land declared as forest, do not trust the government. Kalabai Gujal of Chandvad’s Panchivad village asks, ‘What has the government given apart from assurances? Even in 2018, farmers had come on foot to Azad Maidan in Mumbai. Then a written assurance was given to write the names of the tribals on the forest lands. We had returned, but till date nothing was found.

Leaders will explain after returning from Mumbai

In Vashind, there is a long queue in front of government ambulances for the treatment of blisters, wounds and body aches. The picture of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde is flashing on the ambulance. Most of the leaders of the leftist organization ‘All India Kisan Sabha’ have come to Mumbai to talk to the government. He will return to Vashind late at night. The challenge to convince the farmers will be in front of them, who are not ready to return without any solid assurance. Most of the people NBT spoke to have reposed faith in former Dindori MLA JP Gavit.

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