Maharashtra Rain : Yellow alert for rain in Marathwada and West Maharashtra along with entire Vidarbha today, chance of rain in Jalgaon district also

Maharashtra Rain : in the state Rain has reduced. The rain has opened. A favorable environment has been created in the state for the return of rains. Even though the rains have given light at present, according to the forecast given by the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of rain in the state today. Yellow alert for rain has been given in entire Vidarbha and Marathwada today. Also in Western Maharashtra Pune, yellow alert of rain has been given in other districts. 

Yellow alert of rain in Jalgaon district too 

Currently the state has been exposed to rain. A favorable environment has been created for return rains. The weather department has informed that the rains have started in the state since yesterday. Monsoon will withdraw from the state between October 5 and 10. Similarly, the Meteorological Department has predicted rain in the state today. Rain is expected in Marathwada and West Maharashtra along with Vidarbha today. Also answer Maharashtra.

What exactly is a yellow alert?

Everyone must have wondered what exactly is a yellow alert. In this yellow alert, the meteorological department has predicted the possibility of light rain. Also Yellow Alert is given to be cautious. This alert is for Watch. This alert is given when the weather changes. You are not in immediate danger. However, given the weather conditions, this alert means that you should take care of the location and your journey.

More than average rainfall in the state

This year, rains had given an opening in the beginning of the monsoon season in June. However, the state experienced heavy rains in the two months of July and August. More than average rainfall has been recorded in most of the districts of the state. The state has recorded 23 percent more rainfall than the average. It was also seen that heavy rainfall occurred in some places of the state. Due to this, the farmers have suffered a lot. In some places there has been a huge loss of agricultural crops. Roads, houses and animals were also badly damaged. More than 23 lakh hectares of agricultural land has been affected by heavy rains. Meanwhile, due to heavy rains, the water storage of dams in the state has also increased.

Nutritious environment for return rains

 Meteorological Department has informed that Monsoon will withdraw between 5th and 10th October. On the other hand, Monsoon has already withdrawn from Kutch in Northwest Rajasthan and Gujarat. Monsoon has withdrawn from Delhi along with Jammu Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, West Uttar Pradesh, Haryana. Therefore, the chance of rain is less now. The Meteorological Department has informed that Monsoon will bid farewell to Mumbai on October 8. Therefore, there is less chance of rain in the state. 

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