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Chandrapur Crime News: Mobile call recording leads to father’s murder, mother and boyfriend in police custody

Crime News A shocking case of a murder being solved after 3 months has come to light in Chandrapur district. This incident happened in Gurudev Nagar in Bramhapuri city. The girl revealed the truth about her mother to the world. What exactly happened?

The girls believed what the mother said to be true

The information regarding this incident is that the name of the 66-year-old deceased is Shyam Ramteke. He died 3 months ago on 6th August. His wife said that he died in his sleep due to a heart attack. Since Ramteke was 66 years old, everyone also believed it. Accepting what the mother said as true, both the girls who were in Nagpur came home for their father’s funeral. A formal funeral was then held. After this, the mother stayed at home alone, due to which the little girl came to live in Brahmapuri. Although all the cases were quiet, but in this case there was a big twist due to the mobile. 

Bharat Jodo: Bharat Jodo Yatra in Washim, Vidarbha; Medha Patkar, Tushar Gandhi will participate, today’s program is like this

Bharat Jodo Yatra entered Maharashtra’s Nanded district via Deglaur from Telangana on November 7. Bharat Jodo Yatra crossed the Panganga river from Kanergaon pass in Hingoli district and entered Washim district of Vidarbha on Tuesday. Rahul Gandhi was accompanied by Congress state president Nana Patole, Manikrao Thackeray, Congress leader Praniti Shinde and other prominent leaders of Vidarbha. For the next five days, this yatra will pass through three districts of Vidarbha namely Washim, Akola and Buldhana. 

Sushama Andhare In Kolhapur : Which farmer takes his charter plane to the farm? Sushma Andhare’s question to Eknath Shinde 

Shiv Sena deputy leader Sushma Andhare attacked Chief Minister Eknath Shinde during the Kurundwad Mahaprabodhan Yatra. Andhare took notice of the rebels in his blunt style. Sushma Andhare launched a good attack on Eknath Shinde.

She said that Eknath Shinde said that a farmer’s son should not become the Chief Minister? So why are you talking so much? If the rickshaw puller says, where did the farmer bring it from? Remember what you say. A farmer’s son should definitely become the chief minister, but a poor farmer’s son. Eknath brother are you a poor farmer? Going from Mumbai by special charter flight. Show me who is the farmer who goes to his farm by charter? ABP Mazha had done a story about this. I don’t have it now, let me show you. She further said that if you build such a big house, build a resort then how can a poor farmer be? If you talk about nepotism, why did you bring your son into politics?


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