Maharashtra Corona Update: On Monday, 292 patients were reported in the state and 390 patients were corona free

Mumbai : Corona in the state The number of patients (Corona Update) is seen decreasing gradually. The graph of Corona is going down. The recovery rate in the state has reached 98.12 percent. Even today, the number of recovering patients is more than new corona patients in the state. Today, 292 new corona patients have been added while 390 patients have become corona free.

390 patients are corona free in the state (Maharashtra Corona Update) 

< 292 new patients of Corona (Maharashtra Corona Update) have been added in the state on Monday. Today, a total of 390 patients have returned home after being free of corona. 

Death of two corona infected patients (Maharashtra Corona Death) 

Two corona infected patients in the state A death has been reported. The death rate in the state was 1.82 percent. So far, 79,63,082 corona patients have recovered and returned home in the state. Therefore, the recovery rate of corona patients has reached 98.12 percent. 

Total 4,440 active patients (Maharashtra Corona Active Cases) 

Total in the state 4,440 active patient count. Among them  Mumbai has 1009 patients followed by 683 active patients in Thane.

More than four thousand new patients in the country

4 thousand 858 in the country on Monday. New corona patients have been registered. Before that, 5 thousand 664 new patients were registered on Tuesday. Today this number has dropped down to four thousand. The number of corona in the country is decreasing day by day. However, the number of active corona patients in the country is increasing. Currently there are more than 48 thousand active patients in the country. The previous day on Sunday, this number was 47 thousand. Before that, on Saturday, the number of patients under treatment was 46 thousand. At present there are 48 thousand 27 active patients in the country. A total of 5 lakh 28 thousand 355 patients have died due to corona infection in the country. 

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