Maharashtra Corona Update: For the fourth consecutive day, the number of corona patients decreased, 701 new patients were recorded in the state on Sunday

Maharashtra Corona Update : For the last four days in the state corona patients is decreasing. Today 701 new Corona patients have been reported. Three infected people have died today.  The number of corona patients is decreasing from last few days. 1076 corona patients were reported in Ruwari state. After that, 955 patients were registered on Friday. On Saturday, 734 new patients were registered. Today 701 new patients have been registered in the state. Looking at these statistics, the number of new patients is decreasing every day in the last four days.   

According to the state health department, 1056 patients have recovered and returned home today. Till date, 79,56,324 corona affected patients have recovered in the state. Due to this, the recovery rate of patients in the state has become 98.10 percent.  

Death of three victims 
The death of corona victims is fluctuating. Six infected people died in the state on Friday. On Saturday, only one corona infected patient died. Today, three corona patients have died in the state.  Currently the death rate in the state is 1.82 percent.
Most active patients in Mumbai 
According to the information given by the state health department, there are currently 6220 active corona patients in the state. are Most active patients are in Mumbai. Mumbai currently has 1711 active patients. It is followed by 1437 active patients in Thane and 1370 in Pune. However, the number of corona patients is decreasing in Mumbai as well as in the state. According to the data provided by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, 187 new patients have been registered in Mumbai on Sunday. So 375 patients have overcome Corona. Mumbai’s recovery rate has reached 98.1 percent. One patient has died due to Corona in the last 24 hours. is also decreasing. In the last 24 hours, 5 thousand 76 new corona patients have been reported in the country. With this, the number of active patients in the country has increased to 47 thousand 945. During the day on Saturday, 11 corona patients have lost their lives due to corona in the country. The comforting thing is that the number of active patients and deaths along with corona patients in the country has also decreased. 5554 new corona patients were registered in the country on Friday and 18 patients died. In the last 24 hours i.e. on Saturday, 5076 new patients have been registered and 11 people have died.  


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