Maharashtra Congress: One from North Maharashtra, three from Marathwada, seven traitor MLAs of Congress ready?

Maharashtra Congress :  On the one hand, Shiv Sena internal strife, whose Shiv Sena? While this extreme has been reached, on the other hand, in the Maharashtra Congress too, the picture is that all is not well at present. I have received the sensational information in the report of Mohan Prakash, who was appointed as an inspector from Delhi to investigate the case of cross-voting by seven Congress MLAs in the Legislative Council elections. Will action be taken against those seven MLAs after this report? It is important to see this…
Shinde group split from Shiv Sena on the same day of Legislative Council elections, the start of internal strife in Congress started. An alarming information has now come forward that some leaders of the Congress have taken the initiative to overthrow the Congress candidate Chandrarant Handore in the Legislative Council elections. The names of those seven MLAs are now coming out in the report of Mohan Prakash, who was sent as an inspector by the Congress High Command to find out who is the intruder of the house…

The report of cross voting of one MLA from North Maharashtra, two to three MLAs from Marathwada and two MLAs from Mumbai has been sent to the High Command. Entered…On the one hand, while the cross-voting case of seven MLAs in the Legislative Council elections was fresh, as many as 11 Congress MLAs were absent during the Shinde-Fadnavis government’s majority test. The new government also thanked the invisible hands who did not vote because they came late."Maharashtra" href="" data-type="interlinkingkeywords"An embarrassing situation happened in Maharashtra. Therefore, the demand that action should be taken soon from the Congress on home invasions is also gaining momentum. Chandrakant Handore, the Congress’s failed candidate for the Legislative Council, openly expressed his displeasure after his defeat.  

 How did the internal agitation in the Congress come to light? 
Although Chandrakant Handore is the number one candidate for Legislative Council from Congress, he did not get all the first choice votes. Hondor got 22 votes in the first round and second number Congress candidate Bhai Jagtap got 20 votes. received Neither of the two Congress candidates could complete the quota of 26 first preference votes. Bhai Jagtap won in second preference votes. However, Chandrakatan Handore had to lose. 

On the day of the assembly elections, if there had not been a big rebellion in the Shiv Sena, then at the same time, the disgruntled group would have been ready to break up in the Congress. Therefore, it should not be surprising if someone from the Mahavikas Aghadi, followed by the Shiv Sena, raises the flag of rebellion. 

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