Lumpy Skin Disease: Lumpy disease infected animals in two villages of Shirkav and Sinnar in Nashik district

Lumpy Skin Disease: ‘lumpy’ in Sinner taluk of Nashik. This viral disease has entered. In the villages of Mauje Pangri and Dusangwadi in Sinnar taluka, animals are called ‘lumpi’ A case of infection with this viral disease has come to the fore. Due to this, the district administration has been alerted and the area within a radius of ten kilometers of the affected area has been restricted. Similarly vaccination of animals has been started.

Now it is clear that the animals of two farmers of Pangri Budruk and Dusang Wadi villages of Sinnar taluka of Nashik district have been infected. Meanwhile, on September 5, the samples of these animals were sent to Pune for testing. After three days after receiving the report, immediate measures were initiated. In this, the related animals were isolated, vaccination started.

At present there are more than one million animals in Nashik district and vaccination has been started. Moreover, vaccines have been provided to 2000 animals in Dusangwadi and 4000 animals in Pangri in Sinnar taluka where Lumpy disease animals have been detected. At present, vaccination is being done on a temporary basis, but there are eight thousand animals in Sinnar taluka and now seven and a half thousand have been vaccinated, said veterinary officials. >Compared to last year, there is a decrease in the symptoms of lumpy disease this year. In the previous wave of Lumpy disease, animals were showing rash, watery eyes, fever, loss of appetite. But this year only rash appears on animals. Moreover, the temperature of animals is also low. Currently, according to this disease, it is necessary for the farmers to spray Gochid,  Fumigate Neem leaves. The farmer, who has always been stuck in the thick of the problem, has got into more trouble with Lumpy. As soon as the cloudburst occurred in Sinnar taluka, the citizens and the farmers were already trapped in a vicious circle, now with the entry of Lumpy disease in the taluka, the farmers and dairymen are worried due to this viral disease. Considering the possibility of Lumpi’s infection increasing, the district administration has taken urgent steps. Animal husbandry farmers have been appealed to take care.

Appeal from the district administration
The district administration has been alerted after two animals in Sinnar taluka were infected with lumpi. Animal sheds in the affected area have been sterilized and the purchase, sale, transportation, market, fair and exhibition of animals have been banned within a radius of 10 km. Also, orders have been given to vaccinate animals within a radius of five kilometers around the affected area. Also, Collector Gangatharan D has ordered the animal husbandry department to set up a task force in the affected areas and bring the epidemic under control.

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