Lumpy Skin Disease: Crisis of lumpy skin disease: Decision to close cattle, buffalo market in Nanded district

Lumpy Skin Disease:  In view of the increasing prevalence of Lumpy Skin Disease, Nanded District Administration To control, prevent, eradicate Lumpy Skin Disease Planned on a war footing. In accordance with this, the district administration has banned the transportation of all cattle and buffaloes from any place, holding markets, holding animal races, holding animal fairs, holding exhibitions or holding events by bringing animals together. Nanded District Collector has issued orders in this regard. 

Nanded district has been declared as controlled area for lumpy skin disease. It is prohibited to move all cattle and buffaloes from the place where they are kept to any other place. Besides, the Collector has prohibited the movement of any infected live or dead cattle of the bovine species, any toxin, hay for shelter or other  materials that have come into contact with the buffaloes. Besides, it is prohibited to take animal carcasses, skins or animals outside the regular area.  

It has been banned to organize animal races, animal fairs, animal exhibitions. It is prohibited to bring or attempt to bring infected cattle and buffaloes of bovine species into the market, fair, exhibition or other animals or any public place. 

Cattle market closed

The District Collector has ordered that all the markets in the district will be closed for the purchase and sale of animals until further orders. The order of the administration states that strict enforcement and action will be taken at the check points to prevent the entry of animals suspected or infected with lumpy skin disease. 

Spread of lumpy in Marathwada 

197 animals in Marathwada have been infected with lumpy skin disease. So far 78 animals have recovered after treatment. This infection is seen in 53 villages in Marathwada. The administration has also been alerted in the background of this disease. 33 in Aurangabad, 7 in Jalan, 26 in Beed, 20 in Parbhani, 102 in Latur and 9 in Osmanabad. As no case has come up in Nanded, special precautions are being taken in the district.

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