Latur News : Rains wreak havoc in Latur, cloud bursts in Nilanga and Ausa talukas, crops on lakhs of hectares washed away

Latur News Update : Latur district has received heavy rain. Cloudburst has occurred in Nilanga and Ausa talukas and fields have been converted into paddy fields. Due to this, the crops have been washed away. Students and farmers are stuck due to water coming on the bridge.   

Rain has lashed many areas in Latur district today. Many parts of Nilanga and Ausa talukas of the district received torrential rains today. Crops in the fields have been washed away due to torrential rains in a short period of time. 

Life has been disrupted due to heavy rains in Ausa taluk of Latur district. Meet and greet on the outskirts of the village of Andora due to a rainstorm – water is flowing over the Andora bridge. Students and farmers have to wait for the water to recede to go home as the water is flowing over the bridge. 

Bheta and Andora in Ausa taluka have received heavy rain. Traffic is currently closed due to water flowing over the bridge. Contact with many villages has also been lost. Due to this, students have been stopped from school. Villagers have alleged that the administration is not paying attention to the administration even after requesting it several times to increase the height of the bridge.

Cloudburst occurred in Vadgaon area of ​​Nilanga taluka today. Every field on the outskirts of this village has become water. The entire Shiwar has gone under water. Water has become water as far as the eye can see. Due to this, small and big bridges on the road have gone under water. Electricity supply has been interrupted in many areas due to rain. In Shivani Kotal, Shedol, Hadaga, the fields have become like a lake.  

Due to the rains that have been going on for the past several days, the  soybean crops have turned yellow. Because of the stormy rain that happened today. All the crops have been washed away. The rocks have been exposed due to the erosion of the black soil from the fields. Now how to sow twice? Such a question has arisen before the farmers. 

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