Latur: From bamboo cultivation to manufacturing, drastic changes in the agricultural sector; Center appreciates the experiment in Latur

Latur News Updates: Bamboo Project (Bamboo Prakalp) is environment friendly and helpful for rural employment generation. In rural areas like Lodga in Latur district (Latur News), bamboo plant production, planting and then various products made from bamboo are being produced. Nagendranath Sinha, Secretary of the Central Government’s Ministry of Rural Development, has praised this project saying that it is definitely a trend-setting and drastic change in the agriculture sector. 

Currently, there is a cry that there are less employment opportunities in the world due to various reasons. But in rural areas, bamboo is benefiting in agriculture. Nagendranath Sinha has expressed the opinion that the production of various products from bamboo is helpful in creating employment in rural areas.

Bamboo business is beneficial to economically strengthen villages

Environmental problems are arising in many places in the world. If bamboo is useful in agriculture and it is used to produce essential goods, it is possible to produce goods that are needed by both poor and rich families. In a small village like Lodga, very high quality bamboo products are being produced from bamboo. Nagendranath Sinha has expressed the belief that the rural economy can get a big boost as there is a demand for bamboo products, which are liked by rich people, in the country as well as abroad. Besides, employment is available in the rural areas and the bamboo business is beneficial for strengthening the village economy.

Women are getting more employment

More than 25 women from the same area have been trained to create various products from bamboo. During the three month training, training has been given to create chairs, tables, lounge chairs, teapots, night lamp covers, various decorative items from bamboo. They are now getting a salary of three hundred to three and a half hundred rupees. These products are in great demand in the market. This demand is likely to increase at the same rate and there is going to be a lot of need for bamboo. Farmers can grow bamboo as an alternative to sugarcane and earn sustainable income. So farmers should now turn to bamboo farming, he said.

Definitely happy to see all this happening in areas like Latur.  Nagendranath Sinha also expressed the belief that if such centers are established in various places in India, employment generation will be of a better form. 

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