Latur Earthquake : Not the sound from underground in Latur, but the earthquake itself; Clarification from administration, villagers worried

Latur earthquake : Even today, Laturkars get goosebumps when they say earthquake. Early in the morning on the day of Ganesh Visarjan in the year 1993 Earthquake (Maharashtra Earthquake News) was shocked. Thousands of people lost their lives in it. All citizens are still under the spell of fear due to old memories. Meanwhile, in the village of Hasori in Latur district, a loud noise was coming from underground many times for the last 15 days. The villagers had given this information to the administration from time to time. The administration had said that there is no record of it on the seismograph system, these are underground movements. But the villagers were worried because of the constant noise. After the inspection by the team of Delhi, Mumbai and Latur, Collector Prithviraj BP has finally said that the sound is an earthquake. Due to all these reasons, there is now an  atmosphere of concern in Latur.

Mild earthquake of 2.2 Richter scale

When did the earthquake happen
At 3.38 minutes on Friday morning an earthquake of 2 Richter scale occurred and it was recorded by the seismometer observatory. Its epicenter was in Hasori area, 52 km from the earthquake observatory at Latur. It is said to be 5 kilometers underground. On this occasion, National Earthquake Center scientists Rajeev Kumar, Ajay Kumar Sharma of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Prof. Dr. Avinash Kadam, Head of Geology Complex at Swami Ramanand Tirtha Marathwada University, Prof. Dr. Arjan Bhosle was present.

What happened in 15 days

Seven to eight underground noises were heard in Hasori in 15 days. With this noise, there is an atmosphere of fear among the citizens and the citizens are spending the night awake. A few days ago, around 10:30 in the night, there was a loud noise from underground.  When the people who were tired all day were getting ready for sleep, this sound literally filled the people with fear. People found it convenient to run out of their houses, throwing their belongings everywhere. Rains are continuing in Latur since last few days. It is a situation where one cannot stay in the house and cannot even go out during such rainy days. The administration made these immediate visits to the villages. For the past several days, the administration has been saying that the noise is coming from the underground movement. But from time to time the villagers were adamant that it was an earthquake. Finally that has become true. 

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