koyta gang : koyta gang is back! ‘We are brothers in this area’, terror of the Koyta gang again; Four people arrested

koyta gang : koyta gang is back!  ‘We are brothers in this area’, terror of the Koyta gang again;  Four people arrested

Pune Koyta gang :   Koyta Gang again in Pune (Koyta gang) has been activated. We  (Pune crime) Area called Bhai, four youths have terrorized with Koyta. Four people have once again created terror in the Uttamnagar area of ​​Pune with a Koyta. This has created an atmosphere of fear everywhere in the area. All these four people have been arrested by Pune police. 

The names of the arrested accused are Chandrakant Sutar (30), Suraj Gaikwad (22), Rahul Dhodge (28), Atharva Yanpure (19). These four people had created terror in Uttam Nagar area with Koyta. Tried to force. Due to this there was excitement in the area and an atmosphere of fear has also been created in the area. 

According to the police, the four accused were in a drunken state and had a verbal altercation with someone. After that, all the four persons came to this place in Kondve Dhwade area of ​​Uttamnagar area to find those persons. As soon as they came to the area, they removed the Koytas near them and terrorized the area on a two-wheeler. "We are brothers in this area, if anyone comes among us, we will kill them" Saying this, they raised the stakes against the citizens. Meanwhile, they hit a paver block on the fridge of a shop in the area. Due to this incident, there was some tension in the area. After some confusion, these four people ran away from there. The police immediately took note of the incident and arrested all of them. The Uttamnagar police are investigating further in this matter.

No end to the terror of the Koiga gang…

The terror gang has been running rampant in Pune for the past six months. Many accused of Koyta Gang and Chuha Gang have been jailed by the police. But these gangs are still terrorizing. So the Pune Police is well into action mode. Action has been taken against Koyta sellers. Along with that, many coyotes have also been seized. Pune Police seems to be in action mode. There are many crowded places in Pune. It is not possible to patrol all these places with a car. Therefore, foot patrolling has been started by the police in crowded places. It is being said by the police that due to foot patrolling, one can communicate with the public and also prevent crime. 

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