Kolhapur News : Symbolic funeral of Karnataka Chief Minister in Kolhapur; Clash between Shiv Sainik-Police while removing Tirdi

Kolhapur News : Rankandan has started after Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai claimed the territory of Maharashtra while the border dispute was pending. In Kolhapur, Shiv Sainiks took out a symbolic funeral procession of Basavaraj Bommai, protesting strongly. This time, when the police tried to take away the tirdi, there was a fierce fight with the Shiv Sainiks. This funeral procession was being taken from Dussehra Chowk in Kolhapur to Jayanti Nala. Meanwhile, as soon as the protest went some distance, the police tried to take away the tirdi. There was a fierce fight between the Shiv Sainiks and the police. On this occasion Shiv Sena District Chief Sanjay Pawar, Vijay Devane, City Chief Ravikiran Ingwale along with Shiv Sainiks were present. 

Bommai’s inverted Bomba 

Opposition to Karnataka buses too 

Shiv Sainiks of Uddhav Balasah Thackeray faction of Shiv Sena took an aggressive stance in Kolhapur after Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai claimed territory in Maharashtra. It is reported that the Karnataka government has stopped the ST bus service in Maharashtra after the controversy that has been going on for the last two days. Aggressed by this, the Shiv Sainiks wrote Jai Maharashtra on the Karnataka buses at the CBS station in Kolhapur today and appealed to the ST administration not to allow Karnataka buses to enter Maharashtra.

No village in Maharashtra will go anywhere


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