Kolhapur News : Extreme step in the sound of Pubji, a young man ended his life by consuming poison in Kolhapur.

Kolhapur News Update : A shocking incident has taken place in Ghanwade village of Karveer taluka of Kolhapur district.  After an argument over playing Pubji, the young man took the extreme step. 
Harshad lived in Ghanwade village of Karveer taluka of Kolhapur district. From last few days he got addicted to playing pubg. He used to have frequent arguments at home over playing PUBG. It was from this argument that Harshad took poison. After the family members came to know about this, Harshad was immediately admitted to the hospital. But Harshad died while undergoing treatment in the hospital. A young man lost his life to the sound of a Pubgji game, causing outrage in the area.  

Many stories of pubg have repeatedly come before us. The number of people playing the PUBG game is huge, with the participation of the youth being significant. This incident highlights the fact that nowadays youths are so engrossed in the noise of playing games that they do not realize anything. Therefore, concern is being expressed about the youth who play games. So in today’s age parents of children also need to be alert. When giving mobile phones in the hands of children, parents also need to keep an eye on what exactly they use it for.  

The deadly game PUBG is a popular mobile game played worldwide. The game has many fans in India as well. The game is said to be inspired by the Japanese movie ‘Battle Royale’. In PUBG, around a hundred players parachute down a hill, find weapons and kill each other. These players kill each other until only one of them is left alive. Recently, many children have become addicted to this game. But many young people have also lost their lives due to its addiction. In the past few days, there have been many incidents of people taking such extreme steps due to Pubg. 

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