Kolhapur News : Bugle sounded for Kolhapur, Gadhinglaj, Jaisingupar market committees, voting on January 29

Kolhapur News : The schedule for the Cooperative Societies elections which has been pending for the last two and a half years has been announced. The election program of 281 market committees in the state has been announced. In this, polling for Kolhapur, Gadhinglaj, Jaisingupar market committees of Kolhapur district will be held on 29 January 2023.

Commissioner of State Cooperative Election Authority Dr. Jagdish Patil gave information about this. As the members of Primary Agricultural Credit Institutions, Multipurpose Cooperative Societies and Gram Panchayats working in the market area for the election of market committees are voters, the respective district deputy registrars, cooperative societies and group development officers have been instructed to submit the list of members to the district election officers of the market committees by September 27.

Election program of 281 Agricultural Produce Market Committees in the state announced.-State Co-operative Election Authority Commissioner Dr. Information by Jagdish Patil…1/2#cooperation@MahaDGIPR pic.twitter.com/x5kk3Nhx7k

— DISTRICT INFORMATION OFFICE, SOLAPUR (@Info_Solapur) September 6, 2022

The court has allowed the process of committees to start after the elections of the development bodies. Accordingly, the program has been announced by the Cooperative Election Authority. 

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