Kolhapur Ganesh Immersion: Tension in Mirajkar Tikti due to release of Ganesha ahead, situation under control by police

Kolhapur Ganesh Immersion : Controversy arose over leaving the Mirajkar Tikti ahead of Ganesh on the main immersion route in Kolhapur city. Police brought the situation under control using force. At this time, there was confusion for some time due to activists running over each other. So some of them staged a blockade on the roads.  

As each mandal is allowed one hour on Mahadwar road on the main procession route, there is a queue of mandals coming towards it from many mandals. After the two mandals Nangivali and PTM arrived on the main route from Mirajkar Tikti, the activists of the mandals coming from Deval Club were angry as they did not get entry to the main procession despite waiting. 

He demanded the police not to let the procession drag on. After showing that the procession was lagging, the police moved the procession forward. Just then, when a group tried to come forward from Mirajkar Tikti, the workers protested strongly. Some activists ran over each other. This created an atmosphere of confusion and tension. The police intervened in time and dispersed the crowd.

Meanwhile, in Kolhapur city, the color of the procession has increased and the police have been alerted as the main procession entered the main road. Sound systems, traditional instruments, cymbals, dhangari dhol tasha band and live performances add color to the procession. Scenes such as Save Panhala, Memories of Lokraja Shahu, Kolhapur Demarcation are attracting attention.

230 idols have been immersed in Irani mine till 3 pm. As the main procession route, Mahadwar Road, cannot be halted for more than an hour, the procession is moving forward in time.

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