Kolhapur Ganesh 2022: Great success for idol donation movement in Kolhapur city too, 55 thousand 344 idols immersed in Irani mine using hi-tech method

Kolhapur Ganesh 2022 : In Kolhapur district as well as in Kolhapur city, the home-made Gauri Ganesha immersion has received an enthusiastic response from the residents of the city. 55 thousand 344 idols donated were immersed in Irani mine. The idols offered by the Iranian regional office and citizens were immersed in the mine through an automatic machine installed by the municipal corporation for the first time this year.

Responding to the appeal of the municipality, the citizens of the city instead of burying the Ganesh idol in the river Panchganga, immersed it in an artificial tank kept by the municipality and in Irani mine. An alternative arrangement of 180 immersion tanks was made to prevent pollution of Panchganga river as well as lakes in the city area. Apart from this, some artificial immersion ponds were also maintained by public boards, talamis and institutions.

All systems of municipality are working 

All the municipal systems were working from 7 am to 4.30 am the next day for Gharguti Gauri Ganapati Visarjan. In this, 225 employees of Pavadi department, 650 employees of health department and 16 teams of health inspectors, 90 tempos with 200 porters, 10 dumpers, 24 tractor trolleys and 5 JCB 7 water tankers, 2 rollers, 2 booms were deployed. 

Arrangements were made to take the Ganesha idols offered by the citizens from the Pavadi Department and immerse them in the Irani mine. Along with this, fire brigade personnel of the municipal corporation were also deployed with equipment for safety at the immersion site. Also, electricity department had arranged light at the immersion place. 

A team of 16 health inspectors and 100 women members of the organization alone collected nirmalya on behalf of the health department to collect Nirmalya donated/discarded by citizens. For this, 650 employees were appointed by the health department. 

Nirmalya will be organic fertilizer 

The collected Nirmalya Puikhadi, Bapat Camp, Bawda, Dudhali, Isolesh Hospital have been deposited in separate pits for making organic manure. Through the health department, the places where the cisterns were kept, the Gaikwad statue area near the Panchganga river and the Irani mine area were also cleaned. 135 MT Nirmalya donated by citizens was collected by 9 dumpers and 3 tractors till 6 am. 

16698 idols from the city and rural areas were directly immersed in Irani Khan by citizens. In addition, some citizens immersed Ganesh idols in buckets at home. 

Under the guidance of Sadar Planning Administrator Dr. Kadambari Balavkade, Additional Commissioner Nitin Desai, Deputy Commissioner Ravikant Adsul, Shilpa Darekar, City Engineer Netradeep Sarnobat, Assistant Commissioner Sandeep Gharge, Deputy City Engineer Harshjit Ghatge, NS Patil, Narayan Bhosale, Baburao Dabde, Chief Health Inspector Jaywant Pawar, Chief Fire Officer Tanaji Kawale, Electrical Engineer Amit Dalvi, Environmental Engineer Sameer Vyaghrabanre, Sixth Engineer Chetan Shinde.

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