Kishor Patil : Be careful not to disrespect anyone while speaking, sattars are jealous of the house

Jalgaon: Every leader should be careful not to disrespect anyone while speaking, said Shinde group MLA Kishor Patil. This statement of MLA Kishore Patil is being considered as an insult to the talkative MLAs in the Shinde government. Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar has made an offensive statement about NCP MP Supriya Sule. After Sattar’s statement, there has been a wave of anger across the state. Meanwhile, MLA Kishore Patil has given the MLAs from the Shinde group a home run. "Kishore Patil appealed that we have a political culture and everyone should take care not to disrespect any person by talking about him.   
After Abdul Sattar’s tenure, NCP has taken an aggressive stance. Protests are being held across the state in their wake. NCP workers have also pelted stones at Sattar’s Aurangabadmali house. 

Kishor Patil is the brother of Vaishali Suryavanshi, leader of the Uddhav Thackeray group. After the revolt in Shiv Sena, Kishore Patil joined the Shinde faction while Vaishali remains in the Thackeray faction. After Patil joined the Shinde group, Vaishali had warned brother Kishore Patil not to use my father’s photo. On this too, MLA Kishore Patil has given a strong reply to Vaishali Suryavanshi.

"Vaishali Suryavanshi is my sister. She is ten years younger than me and no matter how much she kicks me, I will not leave her. R.O. Patil was my uncle. He has truly declared me as the political heir. Anyone will tell me not to post pictures of tattoos, but I won’t be without photos. MLA Kishore Patil also criticized Vaishali Suryavanshi saying that I became an MLA twice because of Tatya’s thinking and because of this thinking, I will be MLA for the third time as well.

Kishor Patil also criticized Yuva Sena chief Aditya Thackeray at this time. Patil said that Aaditya Thackeray is saying that the government will collapse in order to give some good news to the remaining MLAs. 

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