Jayant Patil : Many MLAs say if we come back, will it work? Jayant Patal told the secret

Jayant Patil : Shinde Fadnavis Government is unstable and people are unhappy. Eknath Shinde is in trouble and since forty MLAs want the post of minister, Shinde is in a dilemma. So many people are saying that, will it work if we come back? This is how the MLAs of Shinde group Jayant Patil (Jayant Patil) spoke."https://marathi.abplive.com/news/nashik"He interacted with the media when he came to Nashik on a tour. He was talking at that time. He said that the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leaders are on a statewide tour and as a part of that a meeting of Nashik City and Nashik Rural has been organized today. He further said, there are tours across the state and the work of preparing active workers is going on. Efforts are on to unite and try to increase the strength of NCP. While NCP, Shivsena, Congress, all the parties are trying to come together and all the parties are saying the same thing. Therefore, we will take the lead wherever possible and the authority has been given to the District President at the local level. Due to this, emphasis will be placed on coming together in coordination with the local component parties. 

He further said, the people are unhappy with the change that the BJP has made in the state. There is a plot to end NCP and they have started washing their hands behind Baramati. But BJP knows that NCP will not be defeated in Baramati. However, the atmosphere is being created, the propaganda campaign is being implemented. BJP has always been doing the work of emphasis. At present they fear that it will go up to 80 from 105. Also on Nirmala Sitharaman’s visit, he said that Nirmala Sitharaman has come on a visit to Baramati. But the people there want to ask questions to Sitharaman. GST imposed on shoes, clothes, food grains. People have got an opportunity to ask this question. Interestingly, Nirmala Sitharaman has a hidden agenda and she has come to see the ideal development of Baramati. Will pay a couple of visits and then go slowly to see the development, this time also pinch drawn by Jayant Patil

So Vedanta, Foxconn project Maharashtra. This entire responsibility belongs to the Shinde government. Earlier Industries Minister had given concessions. It was discussed that this project was going to be done in Talegaon. For this we pulled the project. But the project was taken to Gujarat. Did the Chief Minister of the state meet Deputy Chief Minister Agarwal after the project went to Gujarat? Did you meet anyone else? They are afraid to meet Agarwal as Delhiites will be displeased. 

Sharad Pawar and NCP are blaming Shiv Sena for not having anything to talk about. So many are afraid of Sharad Pawar’s NCP. Also there is no reason to deny permission to Dussehra gathering. The Shinde group has been given a venue at BKC to celebrate the Dussehra gathering. Therefore, there is no reason to deny permission to Shiv Sena on Shiv Tirtha, Police and Municipal Corporation have no strong reason. should be allowed. Jayant Patil said that the work done by Shinde Fadnavis government in two and a half years will be done in two and a half months. ;
The hanging sword of dismissal is hanging over the Shinde government. Only 40 MLAs can be dismissed by the Supreme Court. Apart from the Supreme Court and the Election Commission, there is no opportunity to work. On the other hand, 40 MLAs from the Shinde group want to become ministers. But my sympathy is with Shinde. How much trouble will these 40 people be giving to the Chief Minister? So 106 MLAs are upset because BJP’s deputy chief minister is there, the administration has come to know that there is an unstable government, so the officials are not listening. Some MLAs say in private, where did Awadsa ​​come from? The ongoing tour of Aditya Thackeray has shifted the sand under the feet of many. Many say, will it work if we come back? 

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