In the near future, the sign of ‘QR code’ will be made mandatory on every hoarding, the High Court will soon issue an order in this regard

Mumbai : There are signs that ‘QR code’ will be mandatory on every hoarding in the coming time. So that all the information about his permission will be publicly available for everyone directly on the mobile. This marks a very important step in curbing illegal hoardings and banners across the state. Soon the High Court will issue a detailed order in this regard. Also, the High Court has given a last chance to the municipalities that have not taken action against the illegal hoardings across the state and has directed them to present their position within three weeks. It mainly included the municipalities of Kolhapur, Latur, Dhule, Nanded, Ahmednagar, which have not taken any action. The Bombay High Court is going to issue a detailed order in this regard in the next hearing to be held on October 13. 

In Monday’s hearing, Advocate General Ashutosh Kumbakoni informed that in the month of August, the state government had implemented a special campaign against illegal hoardings. In which action has been taken against 27 thousand 206 unauthorized hoardings across the state and a fine of 7 crore 23 lakh rupees has been collected. Apart from this, between August 3 and 20, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation removed 1,693 hoardings and filed 168 criminal cases in this regard in the High Court. It was informed that the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has provided a toll-free number for hoarding complaints as well as an option to file a complaint on the website. It was also informed in the High Court that 26 vehicles with personnel have been deployed for this operation.

What’s the matter?

Five years ago, the Bombay High Court laid down some guidelines regarding unauthorized posters, hoardings and banners in the state. However, as the order has not yet been implemented, the High Court has filed a sumoto petition filed by itself in this regard. The petition was heard on Monday before a bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Dutta and Justice Makarand Karnik. In which all the municipalities and municipalities of the state along with the state government were instructed to submit a report on what action has been taken as per the order against illegal hoarding and banner display. 

Suswarajya Foundation and Bhagwanji Rayani had filed a public interest litigation in the Bombay High Court regarding illegal hoardings in the state a few years ago. Five years ago, in January 2017, the High Court gave a decision on these public interest litigations, giving detailed orders that strict action should be taken against illegal hoardings and banners, and that a mechanism should be created so that citizens can complain. If a complaint is received by the general public regarding illegal hoarding, the police is obliged to investigate the complaint immediately and register a case. However, it is clear from the statistics brought before the High Court that this action is not usually taken.

The court has also ordered that the state government should prepare a comprehensive policy regarding the height of the big hoardings erected and allowed on the side of the roads as well as their size. Along with this, the state government should appoint an independent committee regarding illegal hoarding and keep the website updated in this regard. So that all the data of hoarding of political parties was brought to the general public, what action was taken on it? The High Court has given instructions to get information about this too. 

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