In the last two years, our opinion about the roads in Mumbai has changed, the High Court expressed regret

Potholes  : The number of vehicular accidents due to gravel in Mumbai along with the entire state is increasing day by day. Therefore, a petition has been filed in the Bombay High Court pointing out that the vehicle drivers have to drive with their lives in their hands. Taking serious note of this, the High Court has directed the Commissioner of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation as well as the Principal Secretary of Public Works Department (PWD) to inspect 20 dilapidated roads in their jurisdiction and to appear before the court in the next hearing.

What is Petition?-
On April 12, 2018, the Bombay High Court had ordered that citizens can file complaints regarding poor roads and potholes in the state. Lawyer Ruju Thakkar, senior lawyer Janak, said that the state government, the municipality and the local self-government institute have not fulfilled any of the instructions, including setting up an independent complaint redressal mechanism regarding stones, enclosing the manholes with safety nets, and putting up information boards regarding the completion period of the work if the road repair work is going on. A contempt petition has been filed through Dwarkadas. The petition was heard on Thursday before a bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Dutta and Justice Madhav Jamdar. The situation is very bad. The petitioners brought to the notice of the court that in many places the roads have been literally washed away. After assuming office as Chief Justice in the year 2020, I had refused to hear a petition related to this matter. Because then Mumbai roads were in better condition than my Kolkata roads. But now after two years the situation has changed, our opinion and attitude has also changed due to the bad roads here. Dipankar Dutta, Chief Justice of Bombay High Court gave this clear admission. Many VIPs live on Narayan Dabholkar Marg where I live. Even the condition of those roads has become miserable. I say this not as a judge but as an informed citizen. Chief Justice Dipankar Dutta expressed the feeling that the municipal administration should take concrete steps for the common man. Therefore, the municipality should save the citizens from potholed roads by spending money for the benefit of the common people. We are not saying that all the roads should be repaired at once, but all these roads can be repaired step by step with responsibility. Also, the court also drew attention to the working methods of the contractors of the municipality and the action against them. Greed and greed are deeply rooted in our society. If we had a magic wand, we could have eradicated these vices completely, the Kerala High Court has mentioned in an order. But  unfortunately we don’t have that magic wand. Therefore, we have to face these vices, the High Court finally regretted.

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