In Nashik, riots will not be allowed, Sanjay Raut in Shiv Sena’s stronghold for damage control

Sanjay Raut: The Thackeray group is upset because of the internal agitation going on in Nashik’s Thackeray group for the past several days, the talk of people joining the Shinde group. In this way the answer Maharashtra Communications Chief and MP Sanjay Raut is coming to Nashik. 

Sanjay Raut is coming to Nashik tomorrow to breathe life into the office bearers of Nashik city, which is known as Shiv Sena’s stronghold. There is no doubt that the Thackeray faction of Nashik will once again gain energy. But it is understood that Sanjay Raut is going to persuade those who go to the Shinde group. So tomorrow he himself has organized a meeting with one-to-one discussion with office-bearers of Shiv Sena. 

There is a discussion that some corporators, office bearers from the Shinde group of Nashik Shiv Sena will go to the Shinde group. However, Shiv Sena officials say that while explaining this, uneasiness is being created in the Shiv Sena group. However, Sanjay Raut himself is going to discuss about this in order to make peace with it. They are coming on a one-day Nashik tour for that. He will arrive in Nashik tomorrow Thursday evening on December 1 and on Friday December 2 he will have one-to-one discussions with office bearers and former corporators to know their exact problems. After that in the evening they are going to hold a gathering and take good news of the Shinde group.

News of the Shinde group from the meeting

Since Sanjay Raut is coming to Nashik, the interest among the Shiv Sainiks of the Thackeray group has increased. The recent muddle in Nashik politics, BJP’s slow pace, Shinde group’s internal muddle, Thackeray group playing the role of Ekla Chalo Re. So Raut is likely to get good news in the background of upcoming elections and Shinde group. 

One to one discussion with officials

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