If the wife is earning then will not give alimony? Bombay High Court orders husband to pay maintenance

If the wife is earning then will not give alimony?  Bombay High Court orders husband to pay maintenance
Mumbai: The Bombay High Court has refused to give relief to the doctor husband, who sought exemption from paying alimony to his wife, saying she is working. The court said that even though the wife does a job, she is forced to live in a rented house, while the husband’s income is much higher than that of the wife. There is no need to interfere with the order passed by the lower court. The lower court had directed the husband to pay Rs 12,000 to his wife as house rent and alimony.

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what was the husband’s argument

The doctor husband had filed a petition in the High Court against the order of the lower court. The appellant husband claimed in his petition that his wife was working in a government bank. His monthly salary is Rs 45 thousand. There is no dependent on him, while he has to take care of his mother and also has to pay the installments of the home loan. The amount directed by the trial court to be paid as interim maintenance is very high. Therefore it should be cancelled.

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The court accepted the wife’s argument as correct

Justice Nila Gokhale heard the petition. Counsel for the doctor’s wife submitted that the petitioner (husband) is a medical doctor by profession. His monthly earning is one lakh 84 thousand rupees. After tax, there is a saving of Rs 1.5 lakh per month. Apart from this, he also has three houses and other properties, which get rent. He appealed to keep the alimony order intact.

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After hearing both the sides, the Justice observed that the petitioner has sufficient means of earning. Not only do they have professional income, but they also get rent money. In this context, the order given by the lower court regarding payment of maintenance (Rs 7,000) and rent (Rs 5,000) to the wife is correct.

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