If Raj Thackeray orders, we will destroy Memon’s grave, warns MNS leader

Yakub Memon Grave Controversy News : As soon as ABP Maja showed the news of beautifying the grave of terrorist Yakub Memon, there has been a sensation all over the country. Now the political atmosphere is also heating up due to this. Meanwhile, senior MNS leader Prakash Mahajan has warned that if Raj Thackeray gives an order, he will destroy Yakub Memon’s grave. He said this in an interview to ABP Maja. 

Otherwise we will destroy Memon’s tomb…

Maharashtra Prakash Mahajan has warned that Navnirman Sainik will go there and destroy that grave. He also said that we will not allow the glorification of excess in this way.

Shiv Sena-BJP has lost power

BJP should criticize Shiv Sena and Shiv Sena should criticize BJP but in 2015 it all came together. How did they not notice what was going on at that time. What right does BJP have, who kept distance with Nupur Sharma. What right do they have to talk about Hindus. Shiv Sena has lost its power. Mahajan said that the day Shiv Sena surrendered for power.       

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