Ichalkaranji: Agitation over DKTE’s exam policy; Saurabh Shetty of Swabhimani Student Exam in village area of ​​Ichalkaranji police custody

Kolhapur News : Saurabh Raju Shetty, chairman of Swabhimani Student Examination, has been taken into custody by the village police in Ichalkaranji. Swabhimani Vidyarthi Parishad is protesting in front of DKTE College since yesterday for various demands of students. Yesterday’s meeting between DKTE college in Ichalkaranji and Swabhimani Vidyarthi Parishad was fruitless. So the self-respecting student council Many students along with Saurabh Shetty had started an indefinite strike. The main demands of the Swabhimani Vidyarthi Parishad have been made to DKTE to take the exam three times for the failed students and also to get the soft copy of the exam. However, DKTE has refused in today’s discussion. 

The college had warned to file a complaint with the police if the agitation was not withdrawn. After that, while dispersing the protesting students, the village police detained Saurabh Shetty and eight to ten activists. This time there was a verbal altercation between the police and the protesters. 

Meanwhile, through the Swabhimani Student Council Saurabh Shetty protested with the parents of failed students in Shivaji University. However, Shivaji University had promised to send a letter to DKTE College with information in this regard as the association of autonomous educational institutions is directly with UGC. Also, it was said that the decision regarding the examination rests with that autonomous college. So Saurabh Shetty decided to hold an indefinite strike. 

DKTE educational institution is autonomous. Therefore, all the examinations conducted under this institution are conducted under the college. As the institution is autonomous, students who fail are allowed to take the exam thrice in a year. But, as the DKTE exam is not conducted thrice, the year is being wasted by students failing. So Swabhimani Vidyarthi Parishad is protesting to take the exam thrice. 

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