Homework of students of first to fourth will be stopped forever? What exactly do experts think about the education minister’s thinking…

Deepak Kesarkar On Homework:  The education department is gearing up to take a bold decision from next year. Because from next year to the fourth Minister of School Education to consider stopping homework for students Deepak Kesarkar (Deepak Kesarkar) has said yesterday. Once again the Minister presented his opinion even before the decision and the same idea started to be discussed in the education sector. Teachers, parents, educationists started to express their opinion on this. But how appropriate is this thought before actually deciding to stop homework? Will the stress of students really decrease? That Will this create problems in the field of education? Can this decision really exist in the state? Many such questions are being raised on this occasion. 

Home study, homework i.e. home work of students in school will be stopped forever. That is, after coming from school, take out the notebook again! Revise and write again and have it checked again by the teacher the next day! Education department is thinking of stopping this work. In other words, the Minister of School Education is saying that it is an attempt to reduce the burden of homework given to the student after coming from school.

Can students suffer academically after stopping homework? What exactly should homework be or what is its definition? Can homework be given without stressing the students? Does homework have a place in the education system abroad? Why in all this context we some Discussed with experts. Homework means that students go home and study with interest, homework should not be imposed. Even if homework is stopped, it will not make much difference, says education expert Madhura Phadke.

Choose a middle way if you want to stop homework

How is it possible to stop homework permanently because our education standards are not very good globally, students cannot read and write and they have to prepare? Education expert Heramb Kulkarni says that if it is to be stopped, a middle way should be taken.  After the minister proposed the idea of ​​stopping homework, discussions and writings are being done on social media. Are all the schools in the state imparting such perfect education that students don’t need to revise it at home? Should homework be stopped even in subjects like Maths, English where practice is required? This is being questioned. 

Welcome decision from Disley Guruji

Global award winning teacher of this decision Ranjitsinh Disale (Ranjitsinh Disale Guruji)  has welcomed.  While reducing the burden on the backs of children, it is necessary to take such decisions to stimulate the imagination of children by reducing the burden of studies, Disle Guruji has given a response to ABP Maja. It seems necessary to make such decisions to stimulate imagination.   Before implementing this, teachers need to be trained for this. Of course, I doubt how much parents will like this decision. I currently go to schools in America, even there children are not given homework. Of course, while making such a decision, teachers and parents have to be trusted.

Education department needs to discuss with all the constituents

Department of Education needs to discuss with all parties involved in deciding to discontinue homework, be it for any grade level. Instead of stopping homework, there is a middle way so that the student can study on his own without any stress.

The Education Minister presented the idea and before the decision, the discussion of this idea started in the education sector. The decision will be made when it is decided, but now before making the decision, talk to the teachers, education experts, students and their parents at least once. Communicate and then express thoughts and that is actually the homework for ministers. 

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