High Court : High Court blow to Shinde-Fadnavis government; Suspension of allocation of MLA funds in the new financial year

High Court : High Court blow to Shinde-Fadnavis government;  Suspension of allocation of MLA funds in the new financial year

High Court On Shinde Fadnavis Government : The High Court has stayed the allocation of funds to any MLA in the new financial year. How much funds was given to which MLA in the last financial year? And in whose account was it deposited?, the High Court has directed the state government to submit the details. And the Bombay High Court has given a clear order to the state government not to allocate funds to any MLA until further orders. Although all the allocations for this year have been completed, this is being considered as a blow to the Shinde-Fadnavis government.

Shiv Sena Uddhav Thackeray Group MLA Ravindra Waikar has filed a writ petition in the Bombay High Court alleging that there is a discrepancy between the funds of the ruling and opposition MLAs. Maharashtra Local Development (MLD) funds should be distributed equally to the members of the Vidhan Sabha and Legislative Council without discrimination on the basis of their political parties, but this is not the case. In this petition, it has been alleged that some MLAs of BJP and Shinde group are being given favoritism. Taking cognizance of it, the High Court had ordered the state government to clarify its position on this. However, in today’s hearing, the High Court has expressed strong displeasure over the state government’s failure to do so and has suspended the allocation of MLA funds.

This action of the State Government regarding allocation of funds is unjust and against the public interest of the people. The petition said that this arbitrary classification among the members of the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council was done without any reason to favor the ruling party. Therefore, Vaikar has also demanded in the petition that the concerned authorities along with the state government should be ordered to allocate equal amount of funds for the schemes of 2022-23 without any discrimination among MLAs and cancel the allocated funds. On Thursday, Justice Girish Kulkarni and Justice R.N. The hearing was held before the bench of Ladda.  The bench ordered the government to clarify its position and adjourned the hearing for a week.

What is the demand in the petition 

MLD funds are allocated to each member of Vidhan Sabha and Vidhan Parishad through the District Planning Commission for the development of the local division. Accordingly, funds have been allocated for various works such as rehabilitation of slum dwellers, development of infrastructure through municipalities. State Government and

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