Hapus: This year, Konkan’s ‘Hapus’ will be available soon, due to the change in the environment, mangoes will flourish

Hapus News : There is a good news for mango gourmands. This year Konkan Hapus (Hapus) is going to enter the market soon. Hapoos The taste of mangoes can be tasted. In Talkonkan, Devgad (Devgad) Hapus has flourished due to changing environment. Therefore, Konkan Hapus will enter the market sooner than usual this year. Every year with the onset of winter, mangoes bloom and in the month of February, mangoes enter the market.

Challenge before the farmers to maintain mango bloom 

Konkan’s king of fruits Hapus Mango will soon be available to gourmands this year. This year, the taste of Devgad Hapus can be tasted in the first week of January. At present, Hapus mangoes have flourished in the marine belt of Devgad, Vijaydurg, Malvan, Vengurle due to changes in the environment. The challenge of sustaining this bloom is before the mango farmers. However, the farmers have expressed the opinion that this bloom is due to changes in the environment i.e. global warming. Mango blossoms mainly in Konkan in the month of November. However, the coastal areas of Sindhudurg district have suffered due to salty winds and changes in climate. Meanwhile, farmers should spray pesticides with due care. It has also been requested to protect them from rain by covering them with plastic. 

Untimely mango blossoms due to underground movement and climate change

Coastal area has rocky terrain and jamba stone. Farmers informed that due to underground movement and climate change, mangoes bloom untimely. It is very hard work to maintain this bloom. Therefore, to maintain this bloom, the cost incurred till the mangoes reach the market and the profit from the production also have to be balanced. Mango growers say that global temperature rise is the result of global warming. Therefore, due to the constantly changing environment, it blooms in this way. But when the winter starts, the blossoming that comes is the true flowering of the mangoes and the mangoes are produced in the month of February. 

Farmers will have to spend to maintain the bloom

Mango blossom has come before the season. The farmers informed that they will have to make a lot of efforts to maintain this bloom. Farmers said that good medicines will have to be used and care should be taken to ensure that rain does not affect it. This will cost. Mango blooms in cold weather, but farmers said that it has come early this year.

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