Halts of long distance trains will be closed at many stations including Borivali, Dadar, Andheri, Vasai and Palghar, know the plan

Halts of long distance trains will be closed at many stations including Borivali, Dadar, Andheri, Vasai and Palghar, know the plan
Mumbai: Halts of long distance trains on Western Railway will soon be reconsidered. A pilot project will be prepared for this. In the last few years, due to electrification and infrastructure work, the speed of trains has increased. After this change, the improvement process of train halts has to be done. If two stops have shorter distance, one of them will be cancelled. A Western Railway official said that 5-6 trains have already been selected under the pilot project, which operate between Mumbai to Delhi and Gujarat. These trains depart from Bandra Terminus or Mumbai Central and halt at Borivali. The halts of such trains will be divided between Dadar, Andheri, Borivali, Vasai and Boisar or Palghar.

increasing burden on borivali

There has been an exodus of people towards north Mumbai and most of the long distance trains board or deboard from there, the official said. Borivali station has become a major terminus for local trains, but almost all long distance trains halt here causing problems. In the pilot project, the halt of selected trains will be shifted from Borivali to Andheri or Vasai.

Benefit from the new system

Due to the operation of long distance trains during peak hours, there is no standing space on the platform. The infrastructure of Borivali has been greatly affected. Changing the stoppages of these trains will be of great benefit. Very few people board the trains from Mumbai Central, in such a situation, operating the train from Dadar station will be beneficial. The people living in Santacruz and Vileparle will be benefited by changing the halt of some trains to Andheri. There has been a demand for a long time to give halt to the trains of Rajasthan in Bhayandar. In such a situation, if Vasai is also given a stop, then the people living in Virar, Bhayandar can be benefited.

Getting ready terminus

Like Bandra and Dadar, preparations are on to build two new terminus at Vasai and Jogeshwari. Tenders will be floated for this work before the monsoon. The new terminus at Jogeshwari is targeted to be ready by June 2024. For this, about 69 crore rupees will be spent and there will be arrangement to terminate the train of 24 coaches here. According to sources, initially there is a plan to operate around 10-12 trains from this terminus. Preparations are on to shift most of the trains from Mumbai Central. People living in western suburbs will get great relief from this terminus.

How will Jogeshwari Terminus be?

According to the railway plan, 600 meter long and 12 meter wide platforms will be made. These platforms will be on both sides of the track. After the train is terminated, passengers from both sides can use the platforms at both ends. From here the trains will be connected to the proposed fifth-sixth line towards Borivali. At present cement is uploaded in some goods trains from Jogeshwari. It will take some time to start the work of the terminus at Vasai.

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