Gulabrao Patil: Had we not done the uprising, the NCP would have gone with the BJP, Gulabrao Patil’s big secret blast

Gulabrao Patil: Gulabrao Patil, the leader of the Shinde group and the state water supply minister, blasted that if we had not done the uprising, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) would have gone with the BJP (BJP). Earlier, NCP had taken oath with BJP in the early hours of the morning. Gulabrao Patal also said that it was the time when the rooster crows in the morning. Our government is strong. Gulbarao Patil also expressed the belief that the Shinde government will complete the remaining two-year tenure.

Sangolya MLA Shahajibapu Patil has claimed that 10 to 12 NCP MLAs have split and only the timing of their joining the party remains to be decided. Gulabrao Patil also reacted to this. Patil said that this experiment has already been done. Gulbarao Patil also said that if the Shinde government had not staged this uprising, the NCP would have gone with the BJP.

We have not left the party, we are original Shiv Sena

State Opposition Leader Ajit Pawar has responded that leaving the party is not wrong. However, Ajit Pawar had challenged the Chief Minister by saying that it is wrong to betray the family in which you grew up and the family that gave you your identity. Gulabrao Patil also reacted to this. Where have we left the party? We are originally from Shiv Sena. The name of the party on the board is also the same. Did we join BJP? Gulabrao Patil said that we are Balasaheb’s Shiv Sena. We also got the shield sword icon. We have not defected. Gulabrao Patil also said that Ajit Pawar’s statement will be for those who defect.

Gulabrao Patal’s reaction to NCP’s claim of collapse of the government

Currently, the NCP camp is going on in Shirdi. The NCP is claiming that the government will collapse after this convention. Water Supply Minister Gulabrao Patil was also asked about this. On this, Gulabrao Patil said that the NCP session is over, but we are waiting for the collapse of the government. Patil said that the NCP is saying such things so that the enthusiasm of its workers should remain and there should be no division among the MLAs. Gulabrao Patal also expressed his belief that our government will complete its two-year tenure.


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