Gayran Encrochment in Kolhapur : We will not remain silent if forced; Satej Patal’s warning on removal of encroachments

Gayran Encrochment in Kolhapur: An all-party rally was organized today in Kolhapur against Gayran encroachment. MLA Satej Patil, organizer of the march, issued a public warning to the administration. He said publicly that we will not remain silent if forced. He advised the encroachers that if they come to remove the encroachment, stop at the gate of the village and do not allow anyone to enter. An all-party march led by former Home Minister MLA Satej Patil from Dussehra Chowk hit the Collectorate. MLA Rituraj Patil, former MLA Chandradeep Narke, Shiv Sena District Chief Vijay Devane participated in the march. 

Hundreds of people joined the march and tried to attract the government’s attention through placards. The protesters demanded that the state government should file a review petition against the Bombay High Court order. The protesters also appealed that the encroachments should not be removed immediately. It has been demanded that all party leaders should not take immediate action against encroachment. 

Satej Patil while addressing the rally said that encroachments are regularized in the city while preparing the development plan. The problem of encroachment will end if village limits are increased. Make this encroachment residential as per the divisional plan. However, you must be willing to do all this. It does not constitute contempt of court anywhere. 

Why the rush to remove the encroachment of Kolhapurkars in the state?

Patil further said that this is not encroachment, it is our rightful place. It will be our request to the administration not to do any coercion. However, we make it clear that we will not remain silent if forced. Why treat urban areas separately and rural areas separately? The state government should take a positive stance as soon as possible, otherwise the government will be responsible if something goes wrong.

Hasan Mushrif said, I am surprised by the decision of the High Court

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