Gandhi Yatra: Here the yatra is not of any god but of Gandhi Baba; A unique story of Ujed village in Latur

Gandhi Jayanti 2022: Today is the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation. Many people participated in the freedom struggle by taking inspiration from the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi. Even today, Mahatma Gandhi’s thoughts on life are guiding. When the society moves with the thought of non-violence, then we see ourselves in a new form because of Gandhi’s thought. From this, thoughts like humanity, universalism come forward. ‘Ujed’ is a village that proves how deeply Gandhiji’s thoughts were rooted in rural India 70 years ago.

A village in Latur district "the light". In the village where there is the light of Gandhian thoughts, the light of pan-religious harmony, the light of solving village disputes through mediation. In the village which belongs not to God, not to the devil. So Gandhi Baba’s Yatra fills.

India got independence in 1947. Believing in the thought of Mahatma Gandhi, many people participated in the freedom struggle movement. Everyone had won. But Marathwada was dominated by the Nizams. A year later, the Nizam State merged with India. Mahatma Gandhi’s thoughts were also reached in the light of this Nizam State.

This is how it began 

Arguments began to arise in the village as to whether the yatra of Pira should be performed or the yatra of Mahadev. Some intelligent citizens of the village got together and proposed that we should start Gandhi Baba’s Yatra. People from all communities of the village unanimously approved this decision. The day was 26 January. A statue of Mahatma Gandhi was made and brought. The statue was installed in the main square of the village. Colors, flags, rangoli were drawn in the entire village. Complete preparations were made like a pilgrimage to the village deity. The main attraction of Gandhi Baba’s Yatra is the National Anthem. On the morning of January 26, everyone gathers in front of Gandhi Baba’s statue in Gandhi Chowk. National flag procession is taken out. National Anthem is sung in this Yatra instead of Aarti. The village expected by Mahatma Gandhi can be seen in Ujed. If the whole country has similar thoughts, we will not see any religious debate anywhere.

This trip lasts for a week

From that day till today  on 26th January Gandhi Baba’s Yatra is held in this village. Along with the entire Ujedkar, citizens of Latur district also participate in this yatra, which will be held on January 26. A few years ago this trip used to be for two days. On January 25 and January 26. The nature of the pilgrimage gradually increased. Now this trip lasts for a week. The Yatra ends on January 26. From the first day of the yatra, animal disease diagnosis camp, guidance camp for farmers, wrestling bout on the last day, various entertainment programs, singing, playing, dancing competitions are all organized throughout the week.

Diffusion and Propagation of Gandhian Thoughts

Villagers say, we are proud of the pilgrimage in the name of Mahatma Gandhi and in the future, if Ujed village gets the status of a tourist spot, the village will get funds. If Mahatma Gandhi’s thoughts, books, and studies are developed here from that fund, students in rural areas will benefit from it, as well as Gandhi’s thoughts will be spread and propagated. Keeping this point of view, many youths in the village have been trying to court the government for the past few years.

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