Fortified Rice: Avoid misconceptions: Fortified rice is good for health, beneficial for ‘these’ diseases

Fortified Rice: An Anemia free and healthy India campaign is being implemented in the country with the concept of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to that, Fortified Rice is being distributed to the people who are susceptible to Thalassemia, Sickle Cell and Anemia and the citizens should include this rice in their diet, Government of India, Director of Public Distribution System, Vivek Shukla has appealed.< /p>

Today Nashik A half-day camp was organized to clear the doubts regarding distribution of fortified rice to the population susceptible to Thalassemia, Sickle Cell and Anemia diseases at Nijyojan Bhawan, Collectorate, Nashik. Director Shukla was speaking at that time. Speaking on this occasion, Director of Public Distribution System Shukla said that to control Thalassemia, Sickle Cell and Anemia, it is necessary to make the body strong through healthy diet, therefore, special activities are being implemented at the government level and fortified rice has been produced to include nutrients in the daily diet of citizens. This rice has been prepared scientifically and has been approved by experts and renowned institutions. 
Ardhadeep Roy, Deputy General Manager of Food Board of India, Nilesh Gangavare of Parth Foundation guided the camp. Also as an expert Ramadarshak Dr. Renuka Mehde and Dr. Hemangini Gandhi gave information about thalassemia, sickle cell and anemia and what precautions should be taken. Also, an appeal has been made to include wild leafy vegetables and nutritious food in the daily diet of the patients, pregnant women and children of this disease.  

Effective against these diseases 
Accordingly, this rice will be supplied in sufficient quantity at the government level. It is necessary for the citizens to include this rice in their diet without having any misunderstanding about the use of this rice and there will be no side effects by eating this rice, said the manager Shri. Shukla has said this time. Speaking on the occasion, the District Supply Officer said that local bodies should spread awareness on a large scale by guiding the citizens about the use of fortified rice to reduce the incidence of thalassemia, sickle cell and anemia in the district. Also, he has asked the officials and employees of Women and Child Development Department, Health Department and cheap grain shopkeepers to convince the citizens of the health importance of wild vegetables, leafy vegetables and traditional food in their daily diet. 

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