Flower Farmers: Loss of flower farming in Ahmednagar district due to rains, farmers hit during festival time

Flower Farmers : Currently in the state Rain has reduced. However, it is raining in some places. This rain has hit the farmers hard. In some places Crops have been damaged. Flower farmers in Ahmednagar district have been hit hard by rain. Due to the rains, the flower farming has been damaged on a large scale. Due to this, the arrival of flowers in the market has also decreased. Marigolds and other flowers are in huge demand during Dussehra Diwali. However, the farmers are in trouble due to the loss of flowers.

Big decline in flower production

Farmers have suffered due to rain. But since the arrival of flowers in the market is less this year, the pocket of the customers will also be affected. Flower farming in Supa, Akolner, Vasunde, Khadakwadi areas of Parner taluka of Ahmednagar district has been mainly affected. The flowers have been damaged by the rains in the fall season itself. Due to this, the production has decreased. The marigold leaves are damaged and the flowers have black spots. The flowers are also blackened by the raindrops. The flowers have rotted from the inside due to water seepage. 

Rise of prices due to decrease in arrival of flowers

Meanwhile, currently the prices have increased due to decrease in arrival of flowers in the city market. At present Shevanti is fetching Rs 200, Bhagyashree Shevanti Rs 150, Ashtar Rs 160 to Rs 200, Marigold Rs 60 to Rs 80 per kg. At present, the traders have informed that the income is less by 30 to 40 percent. 

Large amount of flower cultivation in Parner taluka 

Currently there has been heavy rain in Ahmednagar district. . Because of this, the flowers have suffered a lot. Flowers have fallen due to rain. Farmers informed that only half of the income has decreased. Marigold market was low last year. This year the goods have been damaged due to rain. Due to this, the income has decreased. It has affected the rates. Farmers have informed that the prices have increased and the farmers do not have good goods available for sale. Farmers of Parner taluka cultivate flowers on a large scale as it is a high yielding crop in a short period of time. However, due to the heavy rains this year, after deducting the expenses, the farmers said that 10 to 15 thousand rupees per acre is left. Bhagyashree Shewanti, Paper White Shewanti, Poornima, Ashtar and Marigold are grown in large quantities in Parner Taluka. However, after two to three harvests, the farmers said that the rain caused heavy damage to the crop.

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