Flag hoisting for the first time on the historic tower in Ambajogai, tributes to the martyrs of the liberation struggle

Beed : Today the flag was hoisted for the first time at the historical fort in Ambajogai. On this occasion, tributes were paid to the martyrs of Marathwada Liberation Day.  During the Nizam rule, the Nizams used to have a permanent base under the historical fort at Ambajogai in Beed district. Under this Shah Burj, Nizam soldiers and ordinary citizens used to gather to listen to the news of the war through radio. In the year 1942, the government installed a radio on this tower and the Nizam’s soldiers and the citizens of the surrounding area used to gather under this tower to listen to the news through the radio. Today, on the occasion of Marathwada Mukti Sangram Day, a flag was hoisted on the top of this tower on behalf of Marathwada Janata Vikas Parishad. Moreover, a plaque giving information about the history of this tower was also unveiled. A large number of political party officials and school students from Ambajogai were present on this occasion.

History of Buruja?

Mominabad was the Nizam name of Ambajogai during Nizam rule. Nizam’s army had a permanent base at Ambajogai. Therefore, Srinivas Khot, a freedom fighter from Ambajogai, destroyed the radio installed on the Shah Buru so that the soldiers could hear the news of the war and raised a rebellion against the Nizam and the British. During that time, there was also a big movement in Ambajogai to free Marathwada from Nizam’s rule. 

After Mahatma Gandhi announced Chalejav in 1942, this movement reached various states in India and thousands of people started participating in it. In this, Swami Ramanand Tirtha and his followers started Satyagraha in Hyderabad. Taking inspiration from this Satyagraha, some teachers and students of Yogeshwari New Vidyalaya revived by Swamiji at Ambajogai took part in this movement. Symbolic protests were being carried out in such manner as slogans against the Nizam and the British, slogans of Vande Mataram and Jai Hind, painting walls with various slogans, ransacking letter boxes in post offices, cutting telephone and light wires, destroying radio station centers. 

Important News

Operation Polo was implemented and Sardar Patel brought the razed Razakars to their knees, this is the history of Hyderabad Liberation War 

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