Environment Status Report of Kolhapur: For environment report of Kolhapur Municipal Corporation will take the help of expert agency

Environment status report of Kolhapur : Kolhapur Municipal Corporation is going to take the help of expert agency to prepare environment status report of Kolhapur for 2022-23. Maharashtra Under the Municipal Corporations Act, civic bodies are required to prepare an annual status report on environmental issues within the municipal limits. Kolhapur Municipal Corporation is receiving reports prepared annually from local agencies.

For the past few years, due to the low response to the tenders due to Covid, the environment cell of KMC had prepared a report (environment status report of Kolhapur) through its employees. Sameer Vyaghrambare, head of KMC’s environment cell said, We are expecting a response from the expert agency.

Work on drafting the report will begin next month. We expect that the agency will not only be appointed to present the facts but also learn smart solutions to solve the city’s environmental problems. According to government norms, it is mandatory to spend 25 percent of KMC’s capital budget on environmental projects. Vyaghrambare said that the projects suggested by the experts are being implemented.

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