Ekvira Devi: Worship of Kulswamini Ekvira Devi of Khandesh as Parvati, starts Navratri festival

Navratri 2022 Dhule Ekvira Devi Live :From today Sharadiya Navratri festival has started with enthusiasm. Navratri Utsav (Navratri Utsav 2022) has started from today in Khandesh Kulswamini Ekvira Devi Temple (Ekvira Devi Mandir), the fifth Shaktipeeth of Maharashtra. On the occasion of Navratri festival, various religious programs have been organized in the temple and devotees have been thronging since early morning for darshan.

The temple of Shri Ekvira Devi situated on the bank of Panjra river in Dhule city is famous in the entire North Maharashtra. In this temple there is a magnificent idol of the goddess and in Ekvira Devi temple, which is the kulswamini of many devotees from Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh state, various religious programs are celebrated throughout the year and two Navratri festivals namely Chaitra Navratri and Ashwin Navratri are celebrated in the temple. In the early morning, the Navratri festival started with the proper worship and installation of the goddess in the temple. Various religious programs have been organized in the temple for the next nine days. Shankaracharya of Karveer Peetha will also be present in this year’s Navratri festival and the Bhakta Niwas will be inaugurated by him.

Pooja constructed in the form of Parvati

On the first day of Navratri, the goddess was dressed in a white saree as the color of the goddess is white today. Also, the goddess was decorated in the form of Parvati. Various religious programs like Kumarika Pujan Kunkumarchan, Shatchandi Yagya will be completed in the temple for nine days. Also, keeping in mind the crowd of devotees, temple trustee Somnath Gurav informed that the temple will be kept open for 24 hours.

Bhaktnivas will be dedicated

The devotees residence built for the devotees on behalf of Ekvira Devi Temple Trust will be inaugurated by Shankaracharya of Karveer Pitha. Maharashtra.

CCTV camera’s eye

The temple will be open for devotees for 24 hours on the occasion of Sharadiya Navratri festival. CCTV cameras have been installed to prevent any untoward incident at this place and there will be strict security on behalf of the police administration in the temple area.

Festival to be held after 2 years of Corona
Meanwhile, for the last two years due to the Corona crisis, there were restrictions on celebrating various festivals across the state. But now after 2 years of Corona, the Navratri festival is happening and due to this, the temple administration has completed the preparations. The temple area is illuminated in the background of Navratri festival. This is why it is being said that this year’s Navratri festival will be celebrated in a big way.

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