Eknath Shinde Saheb’s Shiv Sainik, Shiv Sena stands today because of him – Narayan Rane

Narayan Rane On Aditya Thackeray : Aditya Thackeray knows nothing. They are childish. Union Minister Narayan Rane has said that don’t ask me anything about him. At this time, Narayan Rane also criticized Uddhav Thackeray. He also expressed his belief that Dussehra gathering will be held by Eknath Shinde at Shivaji Park. 

State level convention of Small Industries Bharati Sangathan is being held at Mumbai (Vileparle). Small entrepreneurs from across the state have participated in it. This convention is considered important for promoting small scale industries in urban as well as rural areas. Entrepreneurs present their various problems in it. This convention could not be held for the last two years due to Corona. Narayan Rane guided the second session of this convention. 
Shiv Sena had fought together with BJP in the previous elections. But Uddhav Thackeray betrayed. Betrayal is in their blood, so they are calling a traitor a traitor. Eknath Shinde is a Shiv Sainik. Shiv Sena stood up today because they supported Saheb. Narayan Rane made a strong attack saying that Aditya Thackeray is eating butter today. 

Don’t make us talk, tell all the unwanted things inside and outside Matoshree. So Aditya Thackeray should keep quiet. What did you give to the Shiv Sainiks? Narayan Rane also asked such a question. What difference does it make if Aditya Thackeray resigns? They are in the opposition party, so they should come to the streets. Don’t ask me questions for Aditya Thackeray, he is babbling like a madman, Narayan also said. Meanwhile, the Dussehra gathering of the Shinde group will be held at Shivaji Park. Who will uproot Shivaji Park with a shovel? Will you bring the shovel from Matoshree? Rane made such an attack this time. 

I am also an entrepreneur. I started a grade 1 hotel in Chembur and now it has reached five star. When I became a minister, I took 72 officers to Sindhudurg district, told them to create entrepreneurs. But only 7 applications were received, Narayan Rane informed in this program. 

We call our Mumbai. But we Marathi are not one percent in economic turnover. In our country Marwari is 1  percent and the turnover is 23 percent. We say Mumbai is ours but we are only one percent of the economic turnover. Narayan Rane said that a politician who does nothing himself puts his hand in the pocket of others. Rane also said that I am an entrepreneur first and then a politician. 

While working in politics we have some ambition. I held many posts in the state and moved to the centre. But these entrepreneurs should be considered, who are working for the country to move ahead in industry. If many entrepreneurs are created, unemployment will decrease. How much does the country import? And how much from exports? On this occasion, Rane advised that guidance should be given to youth and entrepreneurs to reduce imports and increase exports. 

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