Divyang Ministry: A separate Ministry for Divyang will be established in Maharashtra, approved by the Chief Minister

Mumbai: In the state now Maharashtra has become the first state. 

MLA Bachu Kadu has been struggling for many years to establish a separate ministry for the disabled. Finally, their fight has been successful today. Bachu Kadu informed that Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has approved in this regard. After that, Bachu Kadu welcomed the decision by distributing ladu near the entrance of the ministry. "The relevant meeting was held on Wednesday. This decision was taken in that. We have been fighting for the rights of the disabled for the last 25 to 26 years, and now it has succeeded. It will be announced on December 3rd, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Through that, the benefits of Swadhar Yojana, Gadgebaba Gharkool Yojana for the disabled will be available. Also, efforts will be made to get jobs for the deaf and mute in the private sector. In the next 15 days, this government will form a ministry and the ministry of disabled people is a big decision at the national level. I thank Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister for this."

MLA Bachu Kadu further said, "Implementation of independent university, employment and education opportunities for disabled, development of sign language for deaf students is necessary. It is necessary to get scholarship for disabled students. Efforts are going to be made for this now."

Divyang Bhawan will be constructed in every district
Divyang Bhavan will be constructed in all the districts of the state so that the disabled in every district of the state can get the benefits of government schemes immediately. A few days ago Chief Minister Eknath Shinde gave information in this regard. This Divyang Bhavan will be constructed with the financial assistance of all Zilla Parishads, Municipal Corporations and local MLA funds in the state. Through this, various welfare schemes for the differently abled will be implemented. Various welfare schemes are implemented for the disabled. This year’s Budget. The amount is less and it will be reduced to the amount of scholarship given to backward class students, the state government has instructed the department to prepare a proposal for it. >

On the lines of Akola and Thane, a house-to-house survey of the differently-abled will be conducted. This survey will collect the information of the disabled and facilitate them to benefit from the schemes, 


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