Disgruntled drama in National Convention of NCP? Ajit Pawar left the platform as he was not allowed to speak

Nationalist Congress Party: There is a discussion that Nationalist Congress Party leader and Opposition leader Ajit Pawar is upset again. The national convention of NCP is going on in the capital Delhi. Meanwhile, Ajit Pawar left the platform twice. Are they angry with the party again due to their rash nature? Such a discussion is going on. Since he did not express his thoughts during the session, this discussion has started. He has come forward and given an explanation about this. 

What exactly happened?

According to the information received, the speeches of all the big leaders of Pakistan were held in the national convention of NCP. But Ajit Pawar was not included in this. It was announced that Jayant Patil will speak before Sharad Pawar’s speech in this session. At that time, the workers announced that let Ajit Pawar speak. Ajit Pawar left the place while the workers were announcing. After Jayant Patil’s speech, Ajit Pawar’s name was called. But Ajit Pawar was not present in the hall at that time. As Ajit Pawar was not in the hall, Supriya Sule went out to take him. She brought Ajit Pawar back to the hall. But by then Sharad Pawar’s closing speech had started. Due to this, he could not speak in this function. 

Earlier, as soon as Ajit Pawar leaves the hall, activists will start raising slogans. At this time, NCP’s Rajya Sabha MP Praful Patel calmed down the workers and said, “Now you have done Ajitdada, Ajitdada. They were sitting here. They came out because of you. We will talk to them later.” 

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