Dhule : Demanded bribe of 20 thousand to return Activa; Police constable arrested red-handed

Dhule: A Dhule police constable and his punter were caught red-handed by a team of the Anticorruption Bureau while accepting a bribe of Rs 20,000 to return the Activa scooter deposited with the police to its original owner. 

The complainant is A resident of Dhule and his brother is married, he bought an Activa two-wheeler from his friend about a month ago to distribute the marriage certificate. When he parked the two-wheeler in front of the house, two sons of his acquaintance took the Activa from the complainant’s brother saying that he used to take the vehicle to work for ten minutes. After that, Sanjay Jadhav, the Police Naik of Songir Police Station stopped the said children on the road in Songir Police Station limits along with a two-wheeler. As liquor bottles were found with them, they deposited the two-wheeler at Songir police station and left the children.

After this, the complainant went to Songir police station from time to time and met Police Naik Sanjay Jadhav, who told his police station. A bribe of 75 thousand rupees was demanded to release the Activa two-wheeler parked here. He said that if the money is not paid, a case will be registered against the complainant’s brother. As the said complainant did not want to pay bribe, he lodged a complaint against Police Naik Sanjay Jadhav in the Anti-Corruption Department office. After police Naik Sanjay Jadhav agreed to take 20,000 after compromising the complainant, the complainant informed the Anti-Corruption Department. Taluka District Dhule) was arrested red-handed while taking a bribe of twenty thousand rupees in front of the Zilla Parishad Primary School in Devbhane. Anti-corruption department has detained police officer Sanjay Jadhav and his punter Dyaneshwar Koli in this case.


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