Dawood Ibrahim used to use girl for smoking, know how underworld don works under the guise of girls

Dawood Ibrahim used to use girl for smoking, know how underworld don works under the guise of girls
Mumbai : Dawood has been in the world of crime since the 70s. He became a mafia don when he was jailed during the Emergency in 1975. He met Haji Mastan and Yusuf Patel in jail. After two years he was released from jail and again started smuggling for Haji Mastan. Later he formed his own syndicate and decided to appease the people of different investigative agencies to increase his smuggling business. The people of Custom were his best friends. A trusted Mumbai Police official told us that Dawood used a girl to deliver the bribe to the Customs officials. Dawood’s people used to deliver cash to that girl and later this girl used to take this bribe to the custom officials. Since a particular girl used to regularly give Dawood’s money to a particular custom officer, the closeness of that girl and the custom officer automatically increased. Later, on Dawood’s order or wish, both of them got married. After a few years that girl died.

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Their links in the underworld, customs and girl-drug trafficking go back several decades. At present the money is sent through hawala. Small and big officials are also ‘pleased’ by doing digital transactions in someone else’s accounts, but once upon a time only cash used to work. The conspiracy did not get caught, so every mafia don used to give cash to the girls only and the girls used to send that amount to the officers.

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They keep women together to avoid encounter.

The girls did not only do the work of giving bribes, they also used to hide weapons and carry them from one city to another or from one suburb to another. Usually, seeing a girl / woman together, the police do not doubt and let them go ahead. Many underworld gangsters also kept their girlfriends or wives together many times to avoid the encounter.

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According to this officer of Mumbai Police, there is a special reason for the underworld gangsters to please the customs especially the most. Drugs are the most smuggled these days, but once upon a time gold and silver were the most smuggled in Mumbai. The customs people used to get money and the work of the underworld gangsters was also done. Later, the underworld started procuring weapons and RDX from the same route through which gold and silver were procured.

The example of 1993 Mumbai blasts is foremost. The Customs Department itself issued a detention order of COFEPOSA against one of the conspirators of this blast, Tiger Memon, but never caught him. The reason for this was that the customs officials had never thought that the smuggler from whom they were taking bribe, could even terrorize Mumbai.

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