Crime News: ‘Lutteri Dulhan’ along with her accomplices were shackled by police, caste was also faked

Crime News: ‘Lutteri Dulhan’ along with her accomplices were shackled by police, caste was also faked

Aurangabad Crime News: Aurangabad Rural Paithan police have busted and handcuffed the robber bride along with her accomplices. Due to this a big fraud of a young man has been avoided and he has also saved one and a half lakh rupees. Ambadas Navnath Nagre (Rest. Dahegaon Dist. Shevgaon Dist. Ahmednagar, H.M. Narala, Paithan Dist. Paithan), Raju Ankush Chabukswar (39 Years Res. Channapuri Dist. Ambad Dist. Jalna) Umesh Ganesh Giri (22 Years Old) The names of the accused are Shila Manohar Bankar (35 years old, Res. Ektuni, Paithan Dist. Aurangabad). 

As the incidents of fake marriages have increased in Paithan area, Superintendent of Police Manish Kalwania had informed the local police and ordered to search for this gang. Therefore, this gang was being searched by the Paithan police. Meanwhile, around 05.30 pm on Saturday, the police received information that some suspicious persons were faking a marriage in the Nath Mandir parking area. Therefore, the patrolling police team rushed to the spot and interrogated the persons disguised as bride and groom. But this time the people from the bride’s party gave a rude reply. As a result of which Paithan police became suspicious about the said marriage, the bride’s party and the groom’s party were brought to the police station. 

This is how the people of Mulakad were deceived 

After bringing the people from both the parties to the police station, the police conducted a thorough investigation. At this time, the marriage of Prakash Ganesh More (24 years old, Res. Takeshivani, Dist. Sindkhedaraja, Dist. Buldhana) was not compatible.  Meanwhile, Ambadas Nagre told Prakash’s father that there is a girl of my acquaintance, she has no parents and a brother. The girl is poor in circumstances. Also promised to get your son married to her. But he said that he will have to pay one and a half lakh as compensation. As the boy was not getting a girl, the boy’s father also agreed to Nagre. Accordingly, Nagre called Mulakad’s family members to Paithan to see the girl and forced them to buy gold and silver jewelery and clothes worth Rs 18,758 to prepare for the marriage. But the police got information about this and the gang broke out with the fake wife. 

Jat also lied…

According to the police, while all the four accused belong to different castes, they pretended to the boy’s father that the bride belonged to their caste and religion. So, being a girl of his own caste, the boy’s father immediately agreed to the marriage. Further, taking advantage of this, Nagre along with his accomplices cheated the More family by faking a fake marriage for their own financial gain. Also, the police suspect that this gang has conducted such fake marriages in Aurangabad, Jalna, Ahmednagar as well as in foreign countries and the police has informed that the investigation is being conducted accordingly. 

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