Crime News : Illegal bar of foreign woman raided in Nalasopara, five people detained

Mumbai : Police has taken a big action in Nalasopara. Police have raided an illegal bar owned by a foreign woman at Pragati Nagar in Nalasopara. In this raid, Tulinj police detained 19 male and female foreign nationals and checked their documents. At this time, five foreign nationals were found to be residing illegally. Therefore, the Tulinj police have registered a case against all five people including the bar operator. 

The Tulinj police received information that a foreign woman was running a bar illegally in Pragati Nagar, east of Nalasopara. The police also got a clip of some dancing in the bar. Tulinj Police raided a room at Noor Apartment in Pragati Nagar and found a Nigerian woman running an illegal bar in the name of a restaurant. Liquor worth around 60 thousand rupees was found in her house. Police detained 19 foreign nationals who came to drink alcohol. After checking the documents of all of them, it was found that the passports of two men and three Nigerian women did not have visas. The Tulinj police have arrested all five persons and the Vasai court has remanded them to four-day police custody, informed Rajendra Kamble, senior police inspector of Tulinj police station. Tulinj Police Inspector Rajendra Kamble was informed that the citizens were running the bar illegally. After receiving this information, the police formed a special team and planned to raid the bar.  Accordingly, under the guidance of senior police officers, Tulinj police raided the bar in Pragati Nagar around ten o’clock on Thursday night with a large force of women police personnel and RCP platoon. When the police raided, it was found that a luxurious unauthorized bar was set up in three rooms. The police detained 19 people and interrogated them thoroughly. At this time, five citizens out of 19 were found not to have visas. So the police registered a case against these five people along with the bar driver and arrested them.  

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