Cow Urine and Ayurvedic treatment to overcome Lumpy, claim of Gau Vigyan Research Center in Nagpur

Lumpy Skin Diseases"Maharashtra" href="" data-type="interlinkingkeywords"In >Maharashtra too the legs are spread. Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil informed that the disease has spread in 30 districts of the state. Efforts are being made across the country to overcome lumpy disease. Quarantine is also being done along with vaccination. Cow urine and other Ayurvedic treatments have been found to be effective in treating lumpy skin disease in animals. Doctors at the Gau Vigyan Ansundha Kendra at Devlapar in Nagpur district claim that around 850 bovine animals in their gaushala are lumpy-free based on cow urine.  

Instead of positive discussions about the Ayurvedic benefits of cow urine and cow dung, they are always used in negative political accusations. However, now the same cow urine is going to be helpful in fighting lumpy disease. According to Dr. Nandini Bhojraj, Principal Physician of Devlapar Cow Science Research Center in Nagpur district, boiled and cooled cow urine from a healthy country cow and given to animals with Lumpy-like symptoms can increase their immunity and get rid of Lumpy. So animals that have not yet been exposed to Lumpy can develop their immune system to fight Lumpy disease. 100 ml of cow urine should be boiled for the animals.

50 ml of cow urine should be boiled for a calf older than one year.

Also, neem – adhulsa – gulvel – turmeric – Ajan (Arjun) should be fed half a kilo of leaves. Give..

Dhunning should be done in the cattle shed every evening.

Bhojraj claims that this is how he saved the cattle in the cowshed from the Lumpy outbreak in 2018-19. Even this year, eight and a half hundred bovine animals in the cow school at Devlapar are completely healthy. 

At present there is an atmosphere of fear in rural areas due to Lumpy disease. The government has undertaken a campaign of isolation of infected animals as well as vaccination within a five kilometer radius of the affected area. But still the number of Lumpy affected villages is increasing every day.  If it is possible to deal with Lumpy with a tool like cow urine available in villages. Many people are saying that it is necessary for the government to take up the campaign to save the farmers’ livestock by providing proper training to the farmers in that regard.  

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