Congress President Election: Dr. Shashi Tharoor has the ability to give Congress a new direction: Ashish Deshmukh

Nagpur News :  Indian National Congress (INC) Congress leader MP Dr. Dr. Shashi Tharur filed his nomination on Friday (September 30). "Congress Dr. Shashi Tharoor is a popular MP. He has done remarkable work for the nation at the international level. It is a welcome fact that the election of the Congress president is being done democratically." Such Congress leaders and Maharashtra State Congress Committee Parliamentary Board Member Former MLA Dr. Ashish Deshmukh said.

Speaking about this, Dr. Dr. Ashish Deshmukh said that, "This is an important step for decentralization in the party and the future of Congress is bright. Sonia Gandhi (Sonia Gandhi) and Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Gandhi) have contributed a lot to strengthen the party. This is an important step taken by the Congress elites for the elections in a democratic manner so that the party can take a higher flight. Dr. Shashi Tharoor has a cordial relationship with everyone in the party. They have the ability to show a new direction to the party."

Tharur  open support of Congress supporters

Taking the party forward with new strength, the Congress in the country (Congress) to power. "If they seriously deal with issues like youth issues, unemployment, industry, agriculture, inflation, then Congress will have fruitful days. By doing transparent politics, he will definitely convey the thought of Congress to the people at the grassroot level. If you want a new generation, youth, new consciousness and active Congress, Dr. Shashi Tharoor is the right candidate (congress president election) are," Also Dr. Ashish Deshmukh said. He has the open support of Congress supporters in 12 states and is getting the support of Congress leaders and workers from all over India. He also expressed his belief that he will definitely be elected. New Delhi Dr. Shashi Tharoor was accompanied by Dr. Deshmukh was present.

Tharur in Nagpur today evening

Today 1st and tomorrow, 2nd October 2022 MP Dr. Shashi Tharoor is visiting Nagpur. Dr. appealed to all Congress functionaries, leaders and workers to listen to their views. Deshmukh has done it. On October 1, 2022 in the evening, MP Tharoor will arrive at Diksha Bhoomi. He will be staying in Nagpur after the program here. On the next day i.e. October 2, they will go to Wardha. From there, he will visit Vinoba Bhave’s ashram at Pawanar. Ashish Deshmukh said.

Party needs asthma leader

Congress party is already in trouble. For the last seven or eight years, the Congress has been consistently lagging behind in the election results. Such situation is getting worse day by day. Congress leader Ashish Deshmukh has expressed the opinion that qualitative change is necessary in such a time and that is the effort of Shashi Tharoor. Congress needs a fresh leader in these troubled times. Only then will the youth, who constitute 52 percent of the country’s population, support the Congress. Ashish Deshmukh said that apart from the traditional voters of Congress, it will get support from other voters. Till now, the way in which the Congress is working. If it is not changed, more problems will increase in the future. Therefore, instead of giving an older president, a relatively young president like Shashi Tharoor should be given, Deshmukh also said. Shashi Tharoor will come to Nagpur today after filing his nomination papers for the post of National President of Congress and he will pay homage to the memory of Babasaheb at Nagpur’s Diksha Bhoomi."text-align: justify;">Other Important News

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